25 Incredible Toilet Paper Roll Crafts We Love

Toilet paper roll crafts are limitless and recycle things that would normally hit the recycling bin. We love these craft roll crafts because they are incredibly versatile and use craft supplies you already have at home. Make toilet paper roll crafts with kids of all ages at home or in the classroom.

text: 25 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Kids Activities Blog - collage of 8 different craft roll crafts for kids including making a watch, shape craft, rainbow craft, Seseme Street character crafts, marble maze, tp roll birds, craft roll ring and a very hungry caterpillar made out of toilet paper rolls
Let’s make cool toilet paper roll crafts!

FAvorite Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

We have created a fun list of amazing toilet paper roll crafts! These are great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and even older kids. With common crafting supplies and toilet paper rolls we will be making: crafts, games, educational activities, our favorite characters, and more!

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Best Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

1. Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus (text) - Kids Activities Blog - two finished toilet paper roll octopus crafts one purple and one blue sitting on white background
Let’s make a craft roll Octopus!

If you’re learning about ocean life, try making this cute octopus craft. It has a smiley face and 8 long legs! So grab your toilet rolls and start crafting!

2. Ring Toss Game Craft

toilet paper roll ring toss craft from Teach Me Mommy
This toilet paper roll craft turns into a ring toss game.

Using toilet paper rolls and paper plates you can make this fun ring toss game to play! What a fun craft From Teach Me Mommy.

3. Math Games Craft from Toilet Paper Rolls

rainbow number game made from craft rolls from Nurture Store - 7 painted craft rolls sitting on a table
A rainbow of colors with craft rolls!

Play and learn with rainbow math by Nurture Store. Label each rainbow toilet paper roll and move the math problems to the correct answer. A perfect way to use those empty toilet paper rolls

4. Watch Making Craft

Toilet paper roll watch craft from Red Ted Art
Craft wearable wrist watches out of paper rolls.

Teach them about telling time by making a watch like this one from Red Ted Art. It’s cute and is a great way to use cardboard tubes!

5. Sesame Street Characters Craft

(text) Sesame Street Toilet Paper Roll Craft Toddler Art Project from Love and Marriage Blog
Make your favorite characters with toilet paper rolls.

Make your favorite Sesame Street characters! Elmo and Cookie monster are easy to make! You could even make Oscar the Grouch pretty easily.  From Love and Marriage.

6. DIY Desk Organizer Craft

desk organizer craft made with paper towel rolls from Red Ted Art
What a cute way to stay organized!

Let your kids organize their supplies by making an art desk organizer. They can paint it, decorate it, and once dry they can fill the cardboard tubes with their art utensils. From Red Ted Art.

7. Feathery Owls Craft

toilet paper owl craft for kids from Mom Does Reviews - green and pink owl crafts on wooden table
Let’s make owls!

Make a pair of feathery owls from Mama Does Reviews using TP rolls. Look how big their sweet eyes are and they have feathery wings!

8. Flower Necklace Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Necklace Tutorial - Kids Activities Blog
Flowers from craft rolls.

This adorable flower necklace was made from a toilet paper roll! All you need is some oil pastel crayons, glue, and buttons, and yarn to make beautiful flower necklaces using toilet paper tubes. Love these great ideas to reuse toilet paper rolls.

–>Make personalized beach towels!

9.Craft Roll Fish Craft

(text) Toilet Paper Roll Fish Craft from Meaningful Mama
1 Fish, 2 Fish!

This colorful fish is made form a toilet paper roll and paper plate. This fish craft is super easy to make and is great for preschoolers! From Meaningful Mama. This craft is is easy peasy which is why it is perfect for young children.

10. Three Little Pigs Craft

Three little pigs and the big bad wolf made out of craft rolls from Red Ted Art
Toilet paper rolls never looked better!

Want more craft ideas. These three little pigs would be a great activity after reading the book! You can even make the big bad wolf! From Red Ted Art.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Frog Craft

green frog craft made with craft rolls from Learn Create Love
Frogs are so cute!

This frog is so cute! Learn how to make one from Learn Create Love. This frog craft even has big hoppy legs! What a cute toilet paper roll craft!

12. Craft Roll Turkey Craft

feather turkey craft made from toilet paper roll from Meaningful Mama
Make a craft roll feathery turkey!

Perfect for Thanksgiving, make a turkey! This turkey craft is made with a toilet paper roll and lots of colorful feathers! From Meaningful Mama. What cute toilet paper roll crafts!

13. Toilet Paper Roll Friends Craft

Want more fun projects? Rained in and bored? Make a few little friends to play with! From All Free Kids Crafts. These toilet paper roll friends are so decorated and fancy with pretty eyes!

14. The Lorax Craft Made with Craft Rolls

Lorax Craft made with paper towel rolls from Crafty Morning
Bright and colorful Lorax Craft!

What a cute toilet paper roll craft! If your kids love The Lorax let them make their own like this one from Sassy Dealz. If you love Dr. Seuss than you will love these fun toilet paper roll crafts.

15. Toilet Paper Snake Craft

toddler holding a snake craft using empty toilet roll craft

Paint them green and tie them together to make a snake! It looks almost real! If you love snakes, then this toilet paper snake craft is definitely for you! These toilet paper tube snakes are so real!

16. DIY Fishing Pole Craft

This toilet paper roll fishing pole actually reels! The best part is you can tie a magnet on the bottom and go fishing for magnets. Love this toilet roll craft! From Lalymom. These are such toilet paper tube crafts.

17. Flower Craft

toilet paper roll plants from Pink Stripey Socks
This is a super cute craft using toilet paper rolls!

These flowers and cacti are so creative! You could even make yourself a pretend garden. It’s a cardboard tube craft that promotes pretend play. From Pink Stripey Socks.

18. Video: Palm Tree Craft

Missing summer? Make a palm tree! From Meaningful Mama.

19. Cardboard Tube Hats Craft

Toilet paper roll and paper towel roll craft hats from Kids Creative Chaos
Let’s make hats!

Make festive miniature hats for every holiday. From Kids Creative Chaos. They’re tiny and cute and you can make one for every holiday!

20. Shape Stamps Craft

shape stamps in paint from mama Papa Bubba
Use craft rolls as paint stamps!

Perfect for toddlers, these shape stamps are a fun and easy craft. This is a fun way to learn colors and crafts as well. From Mama Papa Bubba.

21. Paper Roll Dolls Craft

paper roll dolls from Mama Papa Bubba
This kids craft idea is limitless!

Make paper dolls! This is a really fun and creative craft. Make a princess, witch, or any character you like! From Mama Papa Bubba.

22. Marble Run Craft

This toilet paper roll craft is the coolest! This marble run is fun to make and will keep them busy on a rainy day! From Powerful Mothering.

23. DIY Kazoo Craft

Explore your sense of sound by making a kazoo with a cardboard tube and wax paper.   From Todays Parent.

24. Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

very hungry caterpillar toilet paper roll crafts
Let’s make a caterpillar out of toilet paper rolls!

Make your own very hungry caterpillar! It also doubles as a necklace! Read the book and then make this craft with a toilet paper roll, ribbon, and crayons.

25. Pretty Cardboard Bracelets Craft

Toilet paper rolls and duct tape can make some really pretty bracelets! This is one of my favorite toddler activities with toilet paper rolls. From Happy Hooligans.

More Toilet Paper Roll Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Toilet paper roll crafts with batman cuffs, a snowman, ninjas, star wars leia and r2d2, and owl, octopus, train, and fairy.

Looking for more toilet paper roll crafts for your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener?

Which toilet paper roll craft is your favorite? Which ones will you be making! Tell us in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you!

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