75+ Ocean Crafts, Printables & Fun Activities for Kids

Let’s do some kids ocean activities! Ocean crafts and printables are a fun way to connect with the ocean especially for those of us that live nowhere near a shoreline. Kids of all ages will find the perfect ocean craft project or fun ocean themed activity for home or in the classroom.

75 ocean activities (text) - collage of 6 ocean crafts for kids including ocean themed printables, shell crafts and ocean play dough - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make some ocean crafts today!

Best Ocean Activities & Crafts For Kids

Below you will find a huge selection of ocean activities that cover everything from shells, to ocean zones to fish. These activities really get your kids exploring and thinking about the sea life!

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We broke up this huge list of ocean activities into a few different sections to help it easier to navigate. They are (click to skip to that section):

FAvorite Ocean Crafts For Kids

1. Ocean Origami Paper Crafts

Origmai fish Dr Seuss One fish two fish
Let’s make a fish craft today!
  • Grab your colored paper and googly eyes! Your little one will be able to manipulate colorful and decorated paper to make these super cute origami fish! This ocean animal craft is based on the Dr. Seuss book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
  • Make an origami shark with a few strategic folds of your construction paper! Oh, and this easy shark craft turns into a corner bookmark.
  • Does your child love sharks? Celebrating shark week? Then you’ll love these shark crafts for kids. You’ll be making sharks out of pool noodles! Don’t forget the googly eyes and sharp teeth!

2. Rainbow Fish Crafts for Kids

Remember the storybook Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister?

  • This rainbow fish craft is based on the story book! Use tissue paper to make your colorful fish as you enjoy the beloved children’s story.
  • Another rainbow fish craft! This is a great craft for preschoolers and requires very little prep time and only requires a few supplies. Cut out the outline of a fish with black construction paper, stick it on contact paper and let your child rip up construction paper and add in the scales.

3. Giant Squid Craft

Learn about giant squids while you’re doing this giant squid craft. All you need is an old t-shirt, fabric paints, ribbon, stuffing, scissors, and of course the giant squid template.

4. Fish Crafts for Kids

cupcake liner fish ocean craft for kids
These cupcake liner crafts are adorable.
  • Cupcake liners are such a versatile item. They’re used for cooking and crafting! You will be using them to make a cupcake liner fish! Don’t forget to paint a pretty background for them! They need a home too.
  • This paper plate fish craft is super easy even for toddlers or preschoolers.
  • It is not quite origami, but very close, these paper fish are so cute and fun to make. You can even use this fish paper craft as decorations.
  • Looking for some fin-tastic fish crafts? Here are 28 to choose from and they all look like a lot of fun.
  • A fish mobile is super easy to make. All you need is clear string, paper plates, tape, glue, pens, and polystrene fish.
  • What is an aquarium shoe box? Well, it is your own personal aquarium made from a shoe box. It’s super cute, grab your paints, paper, seashells, buttons and more. Then you’ll be stringing up the sea animals and fish so they “float.”

5. Ocean Craft Based on If You Want to See a Whale Book

This craft is based on the book If You Want To See A Whale by Julie Fogliano. This ocean craft for kids is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! You may need to cut out the boats and sun, though stickers would be great here.

6. Under The Sea Craft

Easy under the sea pictures for toddlers to make
Under the sea…under the sea!

Paint pictures under the sea! Stamp big orange fishes, add seashells, dolphins, starfish, crabs, seaweed, and even kelp!

7. Ocean Octopus Crafts for Kids

paper bag octopus craft
Let’s make an octopus from a paper bag.

8. Turtle Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Ocean Crab Craft For Kids
Paper plate crab crafts are colorful and fun to make.
  • Let’s make this cute turtle craft for preschool that starts with a cupcake liner.
  • Making a handprint turtle is super easy. All you really need is a hand, green paint, blue paint, white paper, and a black marker!

9. Orca Craft

Orcas get a bad rep, and….it’s a little deserved in some instances, but this little guy looks so friendly and happy! This orca craft is super easy to make, all you need is paint, a paper plate, googly eyes, and some scrap paper.

10. Fish Bowl Crafts that are Mini Ocean Scenes

paper plate fish bowl ocean craft for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an ocean craft in a fish bowl!
  • We love this easy paper plate fish craft.
  • Want to know how to make a paper plate fishbowl? It’s super easy, however this ocean craft will require a little help from mom or dad. All you’ll have to do is cut the paper plate in the shape of the fish bowl and draw a simple fish, the ground, and maybe a piece of kelp.
  • Make this fish bowl craft for kids of all ages.

11. Ocean Worthy Boat Craft

Animals are not the only things in the water. Boats float in the water too! This boat craft let’s you make a great big ocean liner! The best part is, it is made with recycled stuff like toilet paper rolls and boxes.

12. Easy Jellyfish Crafts

Jellyfish in a Bottle activity for kids - full 2 liter bottle with floating jellyfish inside
Watch your jellyfish in a bottle craft come to life!

13. Lobster Craft

Lobsters are another sea creature I feel like doesn’t get a lot of love…unless it’s being eaten, yum! This handprint lobster is super cute and is a great keepsake.

14. Shark Crafts for Kids We Love

shark puppet toy finished
wahh!! Shark puppet is now ready!!

15. Crab Craft

Crabs are such odd critters. They’re very funny looking. So why not make one using paper plates, google eyes, and construction paper, and red paint. This paper plate crab craft is perfect for preschool kids and kindergarteners.

16. Starfish Craft For Kids

Starfishes are super easy to make. Cut out a star, paint it, and then add little star noodles for textures! It’s actually super cute, and simple.

17. Sea Animal Crafts

Fish are not the only crafts to make! There are so many sea animal crafts from crabs, urchins, fish, octopus, pufferfish, and more!

18. DIY Sand Mold Craft to Remember the Ocean

Try making this beautiful sand mold craft without ever having to go to the beach.

You probably have quite a bit of crafting supplies in your repertoire as is and that’s great (we love when you don’t need to buy anything special for a craft project)! Here is a list of basic ocean craft supplies we recommend:

Ocean Art Projects for Kids

19. Shark Art Projects

Make a family of sharks using your fingers! I actually really like this because it allows your child to easily make 5 cute little sharks. This fingerprint shark art is super cute, but will take a little work to make them perfect!

20. Fish Aquarium Art

I adore this craft. It’s super cute, colorful, and can be used as the most precious keepsake. Look at all the little fishies! And the crab looks so surprised. This fingerprint fish aquarium may be a little easier for older kids in kindergarten and up, but can be done with younger kids with a little help.

21. Ocean Themed Sand Painting Art

Have you even painted with sand? If not you’re missing out. This sand painting is not only ocean themed, but doubles as a sensory craft as well.

22. Sea Painting with Ice Art Project

Looking for some awesome sea painting ideas? We found one for you! Ice painting! Freeze paint and plastic sea creatures to create awesomely messy art.

23. Ocean Scene Resist Painting

Make a beautiful ocean scene using ink and tempera pain. This is a really unique craft, one I think better suited to older kids. Probably first grade and up as pink can be a little unforgiving.

Art for Kids: Ocean Scenes Using Tempera Paint & India Ink and resist painting
Let’s paint the ocean!

24. Tide Pool Art Project

I actually really like this tide pool art project. It’s super cute. Grab your water colors, crayons, glue, and sand!

25. Ocean Art Make with Rocks

Find the perfect stones to paint and then paint them to look like fish! Make them all of your favorite colors and don’t forget to add shiny fins so they get go to and fro. Rock painting is a lot of fun.

26. Clown Fish Tape Resist Painting Art

Ever hear of tape resist? You use tape to keep paint clear of a certain area which is perfect since this clown fish painting is orange, white, and black.

27. Fish Keepsake Art

Keepsakes are the best and I love this particular one. It would be a great gift for mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa. Paint your little one’s hand and then stamp it on the tile and turn it into a colorful fish. Everyone will love this handprint fish tile keepsake.

28. Ocean Potato Stamping Art

Grab potatoes and paint to do some ocean painting! Make water, fishes, starfishes, sea turtles and more! Who knew potatoes could be used as a stamp!?

Ocean Activities for Kids

29. Ocean Books For Kids

  • Reading is a great activity and an important one. Here are 10 ocean books for kids! Each one has fun ocean facts for kids.
  • There is an ocean yoga book called Commotion In The Ocean by Giles Andreae. This would be such a fun way to get your kids moving and stretching!
  • Learn about the ocean and all the habitants that live there with these 40 children’s books about ocean animals.

30. Ocean Costumes

Promote pretend play with this super cute jellyfish costume. You could also use it for Halloween or a costume contest.

31. Ocean Theme Fine Motor Skill Practice

  • Help your child practice their fine motor skills with these under the sea lacing cards.
  • Life at sea is a fun way to educate your toddler and preschool kids. Letter writing practice, phonogram sorting, phonogram writing, nautical nomenclature cards, counting and more…is what your child will be learning.
  • Using trays to learn with these ocean activities are such a cute idea. Each ocean tray has a different theme whether it’s figuring out patterns, sensory, fine motor skills, using stencils.
  • Practice fine motor skills with this super fun ocean activity. This one will need some prep to it. You will need to make these colorful fish made from baking soda. Then your child will use squeeze bottles full of vinegar to make them fizz.

32. Preschool Ocean Activities

  • Teaching your preschooler numbers? Then you’ll love this preschool ocean counting activity. Stamp out the numbers into the sand and provide them shells to count. This would be a fun way to teach addition and subtraction as well.
  • Pirates are also in the sea! So if you’re child loves pirates then they will love these activities! There are 16 fun activities your child will enjoy! Learn vocabulary words, phonograms, spelling words, match ups and more!
  • Explore shells a little more closely with magnifying glasses! Look at all the different edges, ridges, colors, and textures! Sort them, match them, touch them, listen to the ocean through them, there are so many shell activities!
  • Use seashells, sand, and markers to put together this engaging seashell alphabet activity. Your child will have to dig for the shells and as they find them they can practice recognizing what letter it is.
  • Bingo, sensory play, matching games, and shell sorting are just a couple of the fun under the sea preschool activities!

33. Beach Scavenger Hunt

Get moving at the beach with this beach scavenger hunt! Can you find everything on the list?

34. Ocean Animals

  • Learn about the ocean and ocean animals with these fun activities. Books, coloring sheets, lacing cards, and color matching ocean animals are just a few fun ocean activities that will help your little one learn about the animals of the ocean.
  • Learn about ocean animals with this fun card matching game! Match the pictures with the plastic ocean animals and their names spelled out.

35. Learn About The Ocean

Learn about the ocean with all of these great ocean facts. These ocean facts are great for any kids, older or younger, who love the water and all the creatures and plants within!

36. Sorting Shells

Teach art and math by sorting shells! Sorting shells can help teach your child shapes, sizes, and colors.

37. Beach Yoga

When the weather is nice, there is no better time to go to the beach. Swimming and building sand castles isn’t the only thing you can do. Spend time doing beach yoga, it is good physical exercise and good for mobility.

38. Ocean Play Box Activities

  • Put on a play with this ocean play box. This is a super cute craft and activity. Add animals, their homes, and even a mermaid.
  • Using double sided contact paper let your little one create ocean scenes. Use stickers, foam, pictures, shells, and more to make the ocean.

39. Shark Activities

  • Looking for fun shark activities for kids? There are plenty of them! From shark bingo, to shark sensory bins, shark crafts, and more!
  • Throw the best shark birthday party ever! Avoid the shark with a fun balance game. Do a shark bean bag toss, keep the shark away, and other fun party games!
  • Speaking of shark week, you’ll want to check out these fun shark activities. From crafts, to games, sensory bins, and more…Elemenop Kids has all the sharks crafts and activities.
  • Shark week has been going on for over 30 years and is beloved by many. So if you’re kids are as excited about it as mine are you’ll want to check out these 10 easy shark week activities.

Ocean Games for Kids

40. Throw Fish Into The Ocean

Bath Tub Fishing Game with Magnets
Our ocean is in the bath tub with this ocean activity!

What a cute game that gets your little one moving! This will take some DIY on your part making the “ocean” aka swing, but as your child swings back and forth they’ll have to toss fish into the bin (ocean.)

41. Beach Themed Bath Play

Make your bathtub beach themed! Let your child decorate and paint with foam sheets, shaving cream, sea salt, bath toys, and a bath bomb.

42. Fishing Game For Kids

  • Looking for a fishing game for kids? Look no further! This DIY pipe cleaner fishing game is super easy! All you have to do is make super cute sea critters out of pipe cleaners and then catch them with a magnet.
  • Make bathtub fun with this fishing game! Bathtub fishing is easy to do. All you really need are magnets and a magnet attached to a homemade simple fishing pole.

43. Ocean Letter Learning Game

Learn about letters and words with this beachcomber game. All you need is large sea shells, chalk, scrap wood or driftwood, alphabet stickers.

Ocean STEM Activities

44. Ocean Habitats For Kids

Learn about the different zones of the ocean with this ocean habitat project. They will be learning about the 5 layers of the ocean: sunny zone, twilight zone, dark zone, abyss, and trench as well as what animals live in each level.

45. Ocean Water

  • Ocean water is salty and more dense than fresh water. Make salty ocean water and teach your child about density and then, using a water bottle, make waves!
  • Want to know why freshwater fish can’t survive in the ocean and why saltwater fish are able to survive in saltwater? This salt water experiment will teach you why!
  • Learn about tide pools and the tide with this fun science experiment. You’ll be making your very own tide pool and using water to simulate the tide so you can better understand how it works.

46. Science At The Beach

Science and the beach go hand in hand. It is the greatest place to learn about marine biology after all. Here are 5 ways you can help teach your child science while you’re at the beach.

47. Whale Experiments and Facts

The Blubber Experiment: This simple experiment lets kids experience for themselves how blubber keeps an animal warm in cold temperatures || Gift of Curiosity
  • Ever wonder just how big a blue whale really is? Well you can get the answer with this fun stem activity. On average they are between 70-90ft. Now, and make sure you’re careful, you’ll be measure and drawing the blue whale out on the street using chalk.
  • We know that blubber keeps animals warm and whales have a ton of it! Well, your child can learn about blubber in this blubber experiment. 

Ocean Printables

48. Ocean Preschool Printable Packs

  • This ocean pack is free and it is a fun way to teach your preschoolers! With these ocean lesson plans preschool kids will totally enjoy you get: 3 different parts with over 20+ worksheets! Math, fine motor skills, reading, problem solving, your child will be learning it all!
  • This ocean printables pack is for children ages 2-7 and includes 73 activities! From practicing fine motor skills to problem solving, counting, games, and more…it has it all.
  • Jump in with this Montessori ocean unit! There are 2 different levels, each level has 20 pages. There are ocean themed worksheets for preschool kids and kindergarteners.
  • Looking for some under the sea worksheets printables? Then you’ll want these ocean dot a dot printables. All you need is a dot a dot marker to get started! Learn your ABC’s, numbers, and more.
  • Mermaid printables is a great way to learn! This mermaid unit includes 16 different activities and a number of fun mermaid printables, including a mermaid coloring sheet that allows you to make your own mermaid.
  • Is you little one obsessed with sharks? Then use these shark themed activities to help them learn with this shark unit. All together there are 14 different activities.
  • Learn about sharks with this fun activity and printable. It doubles as a sensory activity, a game, and an education activity. These shark learning activities are perfect for any kids who loves sharks.

49. Ocean Math Worksheets

ocean themed math activities for kids - printable ocean math color by number shown on white background
These ocean animals help with math!
  • Learn how to subtract with these adorable shark week color by number printables.
  • These ocean animal counters are a great way to teach your toddler, preschooler, and kindergartener how to count! These free number mats for lots of math fun! Your little one will be counting up to 10.
  • Learn counting, lacing, and see actual sea turtles with these free sea turtle printables.
  • A printable number puzzle that is beach themed, how fun! Print it out, cut it out into the appropriate strips and then let your child figure out how to put it together in order.
  • Practice counting, addition, and subtraction with these ocean kindergarten math worksheets. Each worksheet is themed with fish, whales, sea turtles, starfishes, squids, and more.

50. Ocean Word Printables

  • Learning to write can be tedious and boring, but it doesn’t have to be. This ocean border writing paper is a lot fun! It has dolphins, fish, sharks, octopus, whales, jellyfish, and more!
  • The ocean has so many different animals in it! Learn about the different animals with these free printable ocean word cards.

51. Ocean Printable Games and Activities

free ocean animals mazes for kids - printed pdf versions of ocean mazes for kids
Let’s do an ocean maze!

52. Ocean How To Draw Tutorials

Ocean Coloring Sheets

53. Ocean Coloring Pages

free ocean coloring pages with ocean word writing practice - printed pdf of 5 ocean coloring pages for jellyfish, seahorse, shark, starfish and whale
Ocean animals teach early writing skills.

54. Ocean Facts Coloring Pages

55. Ocean Coloring Zentangles

56. Ocean Color By Number Printables

Grab your coloring supplies, you’ll need them for this free printable shark color by number worksheet.

Ocean Themed Sensory Play

57. Ocean Sensory Bins

Sea sensory bin with white rice and sea shells
The ocean is filled with sensory experiences!
  • How awesome is this seaside ocean sensory bin?
  • I love this and it is so simple to set up! Grab some scoops, shovels, plastic sea animals (bath toys.) Now, this isn’t a water sensory bin, rather, you will be using blue bath beads! Simple, easy, and is still fun ocean sensory play.
  • This is a rather elaborate ocean sensory bin. It’s made with fish tank pebbles, different types of toys, beads, pom poms, shells, buttons, and more. It’s really cute.
  • This ocean sensory bin helps teach your child counting while engaging different senses!
  • How unique! While this is an ocean sensory bin, it focuses on the coral reef. So what all is in this coral reef sensory bin? Shells, stones, pasta shells, figurines, coral, and scoops.
  • Shaving cream sensory bins are so much fun because one, it is a fun texture. But two, you get to dig through the foam and find the hidden items. In this bin you’ll be adding seashells and plastic ocean toys.
  • Jello is perfect for an ocean sensory bin. This Jello sensory bin is made with blue Jello and has all sorts of sea critters hidden within it!
  • This ocean floor sensory bin is filled with different types of beans, scoops, and plastic sea animals. Dig and search for them. Can you find them all?
  • These silly octopus have long rubbery legs. They are perfect for a water sensory bin with green water! You could also add other toys to your sensory octopus bin too if you wanted.
  • This is such a fun sensory bin. This marine life sensory bin is filled with shells, plastic sea toys, scoops, buuuuut, it is also a lot of fun because it fizzes! It has baking soda and vinegar and blue food coloring acting as the ocean.
  • Yellow rice and brown rice look like sand in this beach sensory bin! Don’t forget to add vegetation, shells, and other things you’d find on the beach.
  • Seashells are the perfect item for a seashell sensory bin since they’re all so different. You can add aquarium rocks, plastic sea animals, and don’t forget about the small fish nets.

58. Ocean Sensory Bags

ocean sensory bag - finished blue and glitter ocean sensory bag with blue gel and sea animals
Feel the ocean!
  • This ocean sensory bag is so easy to make! It’s full of sea animals, blue water, sparkles, and is mess free!
  • Sensory bags are great when you want a mess free alternative to a sensory bin. Plus, this ocean sensory bag is just as fun! All you need is a Ziploc bag, blue shower gel, plastic sea animals and tape to ensure that sucker stays closed.
  • This fish sensory bag is super easy to make. Grab a Ziploc bag, duct tape, hair gel, liquid colors in blue, glitter, and wooden ocean shapes.
  • Enjoy the beach without travelling and without the mess! Blue hair gel, glitter, beads, and foam ocean animals are all you need. This beach in a bag craft is super easy to put together.
  • This blue ocean sensory bag really embodies the deep blue sea. Color the hair gel with pain to get the deep blue loveliness that is the sea. Don’t forget sparkles and fishies!
  • An ocean squishy bag is perfect for smaller kids. All you need is a baggie, hair gel, blue food coloring, and coral reef and underwater figurines.

59. Ocean Sensory Bottles

Finding Dory Sensory bottle finished ocean craft for kids with mason jar
Finding Dory is one of our favorite movies!
  • You know who else is in the ocean? That’s right, Dory! Your kids will love this Finding Dory sensory bottle!
  • Calm down with this ocean sensory bottle. All you need is an old water bottle (They used Voss), glow in the dark aquarium shells, and water. Watch as the colored shells go to and fro in the water.
  • Help your little one relax with this ocean in the bottle. It works as a calming bottle and your child can watch the seashells swish back and forth and watch the glitter settle.

60. Water Play

  • Fill the sink with blue water and use foam to create pads and boats. Then let your child play with plastic ocean figurines, fishes, and seashells. Water play is so much fun.
  • Love turtles? Then turn this little pool into a water table using toy turtles, flora, and stones….don’t forget the water. This turtle themed water table is a ton fun.
  • Water, water beads, and mechanical fish is all you need for this simple, but fun ocean sensory bin. 

61. Ocean Sensory Play

  • Grab an old mirror, sand, glass pebbles, plastic sea critters, and and seashells. They’ll be able to play, touch different textures, and even see their reflections. They’ll have to play gentle with this ocean sensory play though. Glass pebbles on a mirror could be a little rough.
  • This ocean sensory table is filled with bath beads, rocks, fishes, divers and even a truck!
  • Learn about the ocean as well as land and air with this fun sensory table. This earth sensory table explores (most, no fire for obvious reasons) elements of the earth. This is a fun way to not only learn about the Earth, but about the elements as well.

Ocean Themed Snacks

62. Ocean Lunches

Hot dog octopuses shown in a sea of blueberries and fish snacks for ocean themed lunch
Let’s make an ocean themed lunch!
  • Octopus and fish is what’s for lunch! Don’t worry it’s not a real octopus! This healthy-ish lunch is perfect for anyone who loves the ocean.
  • Make your child’s lunch fun with this under the sea themed lunch. Turn pitas into boats, pastas into waves. Turn their veggies into fishes!
  • Pitas that look like the ocean with a whale? Fruit and veggies cut up to look like an ocean habitat? Yes please! This ocean bento is super adorable.
  • Make another ocean bento box with ocean friends. Use little toothpicks with whales on them to make it look more festive. Make couscous with little carrot fishes and top yogurt with star sprinkles.

63. Ocean Snacks

  • If you have a preschooler or toddler you have probably seen the show Octonauts. During the show they sometimes enjoy fish biscuits, and while these may not be the exact same, your kids will love eating these Octonauts fish biscuits.
  • These devilled eggs look like little sail boats. They’re tasty, with a touch of paprika, and have pepper sails.
  • This healthy ocean snack is perfect for lunch time or snack time! It looks like a sea turtle but has delicious fruit and bread! I won’t lie I would probably add some delicious nut butter or a smear of cream cheese or yogurt to make it even tastier.

64. Ocean Sweets

Ocean Playdough

65. Ocean Playdough

Sea colored playdough with shells and other sea items
Ocean playdough is fun to make!
  • This blue ocean play dough recipe is fun to make and play with seashells or other sea toys.
  • Take playdough and squish it out. Then use seashells as stamps! Look at the patterns they leave behind. Shells and playdough are a fun combination.

66. Ocean Slime

I love this ocean slime! It’s blue and sparkly. I love all things sparkly though. Don’t forget to add little sea creatures and then stretch, pull, and squish the slime!

67. Ocean Playdough Games and Activities

  • Feed the DIY shark puppet with this Play Doh shark food! This is such a cute game, perfect for younger children.
  • Your little one will love this sensory playdough project. Ocean playdough can be so much fun! Grab some different shades of blue playdough, pebbles and rocks, and plastic sea creatures and let your child take off on their play doh ocean adventures!
  • Make your own seashell clay sculptures with this fun activity! Grab some air dry clay, sea shells, glass pebbles, and pearl beads to make beautiful sculptures.
  • Play Doh surprise balls is an exciting activity! Fill different balls of play doh with a surprise in the middle! Use toy sharks, whales, and fish!
  • Don’t miss our fun mermaid crafts!
  • See some of these adorable octopus coloring pages!

Which ocean craft or activity is your favorite? Which one will you be trying out?

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