The Best 34 Easy Magic Tricks Kids Can Do

Everyone loves a good magic trick! There’s something kids of all ages, both younger children and older children, have in common with adults: they all like easy magic tricks. Today we are sharing with you 34 of our favorite simple magic tricks you learn and master together. Hooray!

Easy magic tricks Feature image
Impress your friends and family with these easy magic tricks!

Best Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

Isn’t pure magic just so much fun? From great magicians David Copperfield to Criss Angel and David Blaine, the art of deception is certainly thrilling to both kids and adults alike. But magic tricks can be done by anyone, not just a professional magician – that’s right, you and your kids can go from amateur magicians to top-notch magician with a little practice and some small objects.

We are so excited to share with you our favorite amazing magic tricks that kids and beginners can learn how to perform, and with a bit of practice, they’ll be wowing their classmates at schools or friends at birthday parties.

Get your magic wand and say the magic words Abra-cadabra to get started!

1. Magic Tricks for Kids: Money Roll Over

Easy magic trick - money swaps places - two bills shown on a copper background
It’s so exciting seeing how the bills swap places.

For our first simple magic trick, you’ll need to get a dollar bill – it’s called the Money Roll Over Trick and it’s perfect even for little magician. With a trick like this, anyone could be a magician!

2. Magic Trick Secret: How to get Paper Clips to Attach

Easy magic trick - magic paperclip trick from Kids Activities Blog shown here with hands holding a dollar bill with a paper clip attached
It doesn’t get any easier than this magic trick.

Some magic tricks also double up as a science experiment and they are a great way to promote critical thinking skills in kids. This Magic Paper Clip Trick is the perfect example of that. You’ll only need a dollar bill and a couple of paper clips.

3. How to Lift an Ice Cube with a String

Easy magic trick - part science and part magic, a string can lift an ice cube shown here in a glass of green water
Science + magic tricks = perfect fun.

Here’s a fun magic trick with a little science behind it – see how your little magician’s eyes get wider as they lift an ice cube from a cup of water with just a string touching it. It will make learning about science so much fun!

4. Baking Soda Experiment is Pure Magic

Easy magic trick - dancing raisins shown in a soda bottle
This experiment is great for younger kids.

This baking soda experiment with magical powers includes a printable for easier learning. Simply add some raisins to a mix of vinegar, water, and baking soda, and see how they dance in the bottle!

5. Defying Gravity is a Cool Gravity Trick for Kids

Easy magic trick - paper clip being pushed up into the air by a string
Even adults will be impressed by this magic trick.

We know how important gravity is, but this defying gravity trick is an amazing sight to see. Besides being super fun to see, it’s also easy to perform. This trick is suitable for kids aged 4 and up.

6. The World’s Best Easy Card Trick

Easy magic trick - cards shown held by a magician
This is one of the easiest magic tricks ever.

To perform this magic trick you don’t have to be a professional magician – this one is a perfect magic trick for beginners! It is a basic magic card trick that anyone can learn. The live audience will be thrilled when they discover their card on the top of the deck! From The Spruce Crafts.

7. Magnetic Pencil 2 is the Perfect Easy Magic Trick

Easy magic trick - pencils shown on a blue background
We love simple magic tricks like this one.

For our next magic trick from The Spruce Crafts, you can use either a pencil, a pen, or a magic wand. You will also need a wristwatch and a straw! Other than that, you’ll need just a little practice to perform this magnetic pencil trick that looks like black magic- your eyes won’t believe seeing how the pencil mysteriously stays in your hand without touching it.

8. Easy Magic Tricks with Coins

Easy magic trick - disappearing coin magic trick

Learn this coin magic trick from Vanishing Inc Magic to make coins disappear and teleport between your hands. This trick is fairly easy for adults, just make sure to practice a lot before doing it in front of people you want to impress. Older kids can definitely give it a try too!

9. 3 Simple Ways To Make Cards Float!

There are so many tricks you can do with a simple deck of cards. The Daily Magician shared 3 easy card tricks to make them float: a free way, a cheap way, and “the best way”. It’s easier than you think! Click the link to check out the video tutorials.

Click this link to check out all three ways to make cards float!

10. Performing the Rising Card Magic Trick

Easy magic trick - deck of cards shown in a hand
It’s impressive everything we can do with a deck of cards.

This rising card magic trick is one of the best easy magic tricks for beginners and kids from The Spruce Crafts. For this trick, a spectator will choose a card and lose it in the deck – then you will use your index finger on top of the deck and as you lift your finger from the deck, the chosen card will rise with it. Wow!

11. How to Read Someone’s Mind With Math (Math Trick)

Easy magic trick - mind reading magic trick shown with math on gridded paper
Who knew numbers and magic got along well together?

If you have ever wanted to read someone’s mind, well, that’s still not completely possible… However, using math in magic tricks, you can easily guess what number your friend is thinking about without actual telepathy {giggles}. From WikiHow.

12. Mind Reading Trick With Numbers

Easy magic trick - the word math magic inside a bolt
Don’t you just love combining learning with fun?

This trick also uses simple math to read your friend’s mind! If your little one knows how to do simple addition and subtraction, they’ll be more than ready to perform this magic trick. From Instructables.

13. Sugar Cube Magic is Science and Magic Too!

We love this sugar cube magic trick from Sick Science! Have a friend write down a number on a sugar cube and after a simple steps, they’ll see it written on their palm. Impressive, right? Check out other videos like this in the Youtube Channel to learn all about science made fun for kids.

14. Anti Gravity Glass

This Anti Gravity Glass magic trick from Magic Tricks 4 Kids is a very easy magic trick but also has one of the coolest effects you can do with 4 simple supplies you’ve already got at home. Follow the simple step instructions and after a couple of tries, you’ll have a cup standing on one single card that is standing upright.

15. Disappearing Toothpick Magic Trick

Easy magic trick - steps to the disappearing toothpick trick performed by a child
Kids will be so amazed when they see the toothpick disappear from your hand!

To make this disappearing toothpick trick from All For The Boys, you only need a toothpick and some tape. The best part about this tutorial is that it even includes some tips that you can apply on other magic tricks. This magic trick is perfect for kids of all ages as long as they are careful with the toothpick!

16. Magic Tricks For Kids

Easy magic trick - child dressed as a magician performing a homemade magic trick that lifts a water glass
Put on your magician clothes for these simple magic tricks!

Castle View Academy shared their best magic tricks for kids. Kids will have fun learning and practicing these magic tricks but adults will enjoy them too! You can find 6 different magic tricks with instructions and pictures to follow.

17. How to Do the Magic Cork Trick

Easy magic trick - corks shown in two hands
You can do this magic trick anywhere without any preparation!

In this visual magic trick, spectators will be so shocked when they see two objects that (seem to) pass through each other. It will require some practice and two objects that are of similar size, and that’s it! For visual learners you can watch the video of the trick. From The Spruce Crafts.

18. How to Move a Pen with Your Mind

Let’s learn how to magically move a pen with your mind! Ok, maybe not with your mind, but it will look like that to the spectators! This magic trick is a perfect opportunity to learn about static electricity withotu opening a text book. Just watch the video tutorial and in less than 2 minutes kids of all ages will be able to perform this magic trick.

19. How to Do the Vanishing Coin Trick

Easy magic trick - coins shown piled
With a bit of prep, you too can make a coin disappear.

Want to learn how to make a coin disappear? Here’s a magic trick that you’ll want to perform in front of your friends. For this trick – which kids of all ages can do – you’ll only need 3 coins and a bit of foil. That’s literally it! From The Spruce Crafts.

20. The Perfect Beginner No Setup Card Trick That Will Impress Everyone!

This is a great no setup beginner card trick that will impress everyone you show it to. This video tutorial makes a great job explaining how to perform this trick and also the magic behind how it works. Perfect for amateur magicians who are learning basic card magic tricks.

21. The Disappearing Water Magic Trick

Easy magic trick - glass of water in a hand
Can you make water disappear? Yes, you can!

Today we are making water disappear from inside a cup! This magic trick is based on a scientific principle (yay, science!) but it’s also super fun to perform. Make sure to do the proper preparation before standing in front of the audience members, though. From The Spruce Crafts.

22. How To Make Yourself FLOAT!

What kid doesn’t love levitation tricks?! I remember being a kid and breaking my head trying to figure out how magicians do it. Well, today we can learn how to make some magic levitation tricks! This is suitable for kids, beginners, and all ages.

23. The Best Card Trick for Young Kids to Learn and Do

Easy magic trick - deck of cards shown spread out
This is a basic “find a card” trick that anyone can learn.

This is the best, easiest card trick for young kids to learn. This method is so easy that kids as young as as five years old can learn how to do. Of course, adults would have fun learning how to do it too! From The Spruce Crafts.

24. Air Pressure Magic Shown with Egg and Bottle

This magic trick / science experiment is slightly more complicated than other tricks, but the effect is worth the effort. Can an egg fit through the mouth of a milk bottle? Watch this video to learn how to do it!

25. World’s easiest card trick

Easy magic trick - hands throwing cards into the air
Follow the pictures to learn this simple magic trick!

All you need is a regular deck of playing cards and a little practice to remember the steps. You will see how easy it is to learn this trick (that’s why it’s called the “world’s easiest card trick”) and you will wow your friends and family any time you want. From CBC Kids.

26. Make a “Magic” Wand – a Floating Levitation Stick

What is a magician without their magic wand? Here’s a video tutorial to learn how to make a DIY magic wand that is easy to make and carry – and of course, entertains to no end. This tutorial is aimed at adults, but once the magic wand is done, kids can enjoy performing their magic tricks with it. From Instructables.

27. Magic Pepper Trick

Easy magic trick - simple pepper and water trick from Simple Play Ideas
Aren’t science experiments so much fun?

Science experiments that look like a bit of magic are always big hits! And with this pepper and water trick, we are sure you already have all the ingredients in your kitchen. We recommend this science experiment for kids in kindergarten and up!

28. How to Bend a Spoon

Easy Magic Trick - spoon on a table
You don’t need telekinetic powers for this magic trick…

Wouldn’t it be fun to convince people you can bend a spoon with your mind? Here are 3 different ways to do it! With a little practice, you’ll soon be wowing your friends with your new abilities. From WikiHow.

29. How to Do a Number Trick to Guess Someone’s Age

Easy Magic Trick - numbers floating on a red surface
We love everything we can do with math tricks.

Today we are using math to guess someone’s age. This math trick will work every time – there are even instructions to guess the month and day of their birth! Just memorize the instructions and you’re all set. From WikiHow.

30. Vanishing Toothpick Magic Trick

This is another trick that is super easy for younger kids, including kindergarteners – just remember to be careful when handling the toothpicks. In less than one minute kids can master this easy magic trick from 10 Minutes of Quality Time.

31. Use Surface Tension to Make Pepper Dance!

Easy Magic Trick - toothpick with floating pepper
A magic trick suitable for toddlers and older kids.

With this magic trick, kids will learn key scientific concepts such as cohesion, surface tension, and other interesting topics. We love this kitchen science activity / magic trick from Scientific American that will make pepper dance in a bowl of water!

32. How to Make a Pen Penetrate a Dollar Bill

Easy Magic Trick - dollar bill pierced by a pen held in hand
This is such a simple but fun party trick!

Do you want to start a magic show with a simple yet effective trick? One of the easiest tricks to perform is the pen penetrating a dollar bill – here are two methods to show you how to do it so you can impress your friends! From WikiHow.

33. 10 Magic Tricks With Hands Only

Here are 10 amazing magic tricks that you can do with just your hands! You’ll be so impressed with how easy they are. P.S. These are visual tricks, so we recomend practicing a lot in front of a mirror!

34. Easy Magic Trick Using Paper

What about a magic trick you can do with a simple piece of paper and sellotape? Follow this video tutorial to learn hwo to torn and restore a sheet of paper! Isn’t it so cool?

Here are More Science Activities That Are So Impressive, They Could Be Called Magic Tricks:

What were your favorite easy magic tricks?

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