Scissor Skills Exercises: Printables, Scissor Activities & More

Learning scissor skills: how to cut straight lines with a pair of scissors is a very important skill for kids. We have found our favorite scissor activities that you can do with your preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten child. Use these scissor skill activities at home or in the classroom.

Scissor skill exercises for kids - 4 different scissor activities shown with scissor decorations - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s work on those fine motor skills!

Scissor Exercises For Preschool and Kindergarten

Learning how to use scissors can be a slightly frustrating process, as it’s a new but essential skill that kids are just getting familiar with, and let’s face it: cutting paper can be tricky. Kids need to learn how to hold the scissors in the right position, strengthen their hand muscles and hand-eye coordination, among many other things.

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In other words good scissor skills mean lots and lots of practice! Luckily, there are many things you can do to help your kiddo do to gain scissor skills even before they enter kindergarten. We looked for the best scissor practice activities to help your little one improve their scissors skills in a fun way.

Best Scissor Skills Printables

1. Strengthen Scissor Skills With Fun Summer Cutting Cards

Scissor skills printable from Teaching 2 and 3 Year olds - shown printed with child using scissors on the arrows to a sun
These free printables are perfect for scissor practice.

It’s easy to strengthen your kiddo’s little hands with these summer cutting cards! Simply download the free printable for nice fine motor activities. From Teaching 2 and 3 year olds.

2. Star Scissor Practice Printable Cards

Scissor skills printable from Teaching 2 and 3 year olds showing a pair of scissors with 2 printed cards with stars and dotted lines
Let’s learn to cut with this cute star printable!

These star scissor practice sheets are a great addition to your scissor activities. They are small so that they will fit more easily in young preschoolers’ hands and are a great way to build fine motor skills. From Teaching 2 and 3 year olds.

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3. Printable Preschool Cutting Busy Box

Scissor skills - make your own cutting practice box from Fun with Mama
Grab your favorite pair of scissors for this activity.

This printable preschool cutting busy box is a great introduction to cutting for preschoolers and young kids. This is a preschool cutting activity for 3-year-olds and up, and you’ll only need colored cardstock, preschool scissors, and an organizer box. From Fun With Mama.

4. Cutting Lines

Scissor skills - child practicing cutting with scissors by following dotted lines
This is one of the best fine motor skills practices for toddlers.

Cutting lines is one of the best creative ways to build hand strength and improve hand-eye coordination. And that’s exactly what this activity does! This activity will also prepare small hands for future pencil grip when ready to write. From Days with Grey.

Scissor Skills Activities

5. Make a Sun Scissor Skills Activity

Scissor skills on a paper plate sun from A Dab of Glue will Do
This fun craft will help your preschooler get familiar with scissor use.

If your preschoolers are ready to start learning scissor skills, then this Make A Sun scissor skills activity is the perfect starter project for them. Learning how to use scissors has never been more fun! From A Dab of Glue Will Do.

6. Rainbow Straw Scissor Skills

Scissor skills practice with straws from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail
Toddlers will love this colorful activity.

This activity from Frogs And Snails And Puppy Dogtail only requires straws and scissors. It’s one of those activities that are super easy to set up but still loads of fun for kids.

7. Paper Bag Haircuts: A Cute Scissor Skills Activity

Scissor skills practice for preschoolers with a paper bag making a puppet with hair from Crafts on Sea
This is such an easy and fun craft.

Here’s a super fun activity for your little one and you only need paper bags, pens, and a pair of scissors. It’s called paper bag haircuts and kids will have so much fun creating different original haircuts, guaranteed. From Crafts On Sea.

Preschool Scissor Practice Made Fun

8. Magazine Shape Hunt and Sort

Scissor skills preschool cutting exercise with old magazines and paste
This activity is perfect for your little ones who are learning shapes and colors.

This activity from Fun Learning For Kids is simply awesome. Kids will learn different shapes while they practice cutting, gluing, and sorting. It’s also an awesome way to work on critical thinking and observation skills.

9. Scissor Skills Activity for Kids

Scissor skills with playdough - cutting playdough into sections from FASAPT
Get your play dough scissors ready!

This activity is perfect for 4-year-olds and up, as not only are they having fun but working on fine motor muscles to improve their skills with scissors. Besides, it uses play dough – and what kid doesn’t love play dough? From Frogs and Snails And Puppy Dogtail.

10. Spider Web Cutting Activity with Straws

Scissor skills activity using straws to make a spider web design from Fun Learning for Kids
This is one of the most fun cutting practice activities for kids.

This spider web cutting activity from Fun Learning For Kids is an excellent way to develop fine motor strength skills and scissor skills this fall! It’s also a neat craft to hang up and use a decoration.

Cutting Practice for Preschool & Kindergarten

11. Ginberbread Man Preschool Cutting Practice

Scissor skills activity from Schooltime Snippets with cutting gingerbread men in half along zig zag lines.
Bring out the gingerbread men!

Keep little hands busy with this simple gingerbread man preschool cutting practice activity from Schooltime Snippets. This activity encourages fine motor skills development and improves scissor skills, and it’s perfect for your preschooler.

12. Heart Scissor Skills Puzzles

Scissor skills activities with hearts and zig zag lines from School Time Snippets
Construction paper works great for this kind of craft.

Schooltime Snippets shared a great way to practice scissor skills with this broken hearts activity. You’ll need colored construction paper hearts with various types of lines to practice cutting. It’s time for some small snips!

Scissor Cutting Activities

13. Scissor Skills Spaghetti Sensory Bin

Scissor skills cutting activities - child shown cutting spaghetti noodles from Days with Grey
Spaghetti can be used in other ways that are not just served as a meal.

Who knew you could use spaghetti to improve scissor skills? This activity from Days with Grey is a great opportunity to explore cutting a new texture while doing a sensory play activity.

14. Make a Paper Salad & Practice Fine Motor and Scissor Skills

Scissor skills activities for preschoolers make a salad from Mosswood Connections
Yummy, doesn’t this salad look so delicious?

Let’s make a paper salad with this fun idea from Mosswood Connections. It’s a simple fine motor activity that is super easy to set up as you only need a bowl, construction and tissue paper, and scissors.

15. Scissor Practice Activity for Preschoolers- Cutting Practice Spider

Scissor skills activities for preschoolers make a spider craft that they can cut the yarn from Lalymom
We bet kids will love this spider craft!

This scissors practice activity for preschoolers is the perfect activity to explore different ways to use scissors. All you need is a toy spider, yarn, a cutting tray and scissors. From Laly Mom.

16. Cutting & Threading Practice with Straws

Scissor skills activities and exercises where kids cut up straws and then thread on toothpicks from Powerful Mothering
This activity is great for all skill levels.

Make this cutting & threading practice activity is perfect for toddlers as young as 2 years old, although you can customize it for kids of any age. Get some colorful straws, scissors, lace, and a sponge with toothpicks. From Powerful Mothering.

17. Fun Fine Motor Leaf Cutting Activity for Fall

Scissor skills practice with leaves outside from Hands On As We Grow
Don’t you love these holistic activities? We sure do!

Let’s work on those fine motor skills with this leaf-cutting activity! It’s a great outdoor activity that will keep your little one engaged and wanting to continue for hours. From Hands On As We Grow.

18. Strengthening Scissor Skills with Play Dough

Scissor skills activities shown cutting clay from Mama Papa Bubba
Let’s strengthen those little fingers.

Learning to use scissors is hard, but it can be much easier when used with play dough instead. It’s soft and easy to cut, and basically, a perfect starting point. So give this activity from Mama Papa Bubba a try.

19. Learning scissor skills with jelly sensory play

Scissor skills activities with jelly - shown child cutting jello in a bowl from Nurture Store
Colorful, delicious, and fun! What else could you want?

We’re learning scissor skills with jelly sensory play. Yes, jelly! There will be a lot of cutting, squishing, squashing, and of course, lots of fun. From Nurture Store.

20. Lavender Cutting for Preschoolers

Scissor skills activities cutting lavender practice - lavender in a basket with two pairs of scissors
Who knew lavender cutting would be great for kids?

We love activities that are both useful and great fun for kids. For this one, we’re cutting lavender and making them intro fragrance bags. You can bet they smell delicious! From Teach Me Mommy.

Strengthening Exercises for Little Hands

21. Fine Motor Lantern Craft

Scissor skills exercises to strengthen hands with hole punches - from Sugar Aunts Sweet Ideas
Make sure to use bright colors!

This fine motor lantern craft is a great way to sneak in the fine motor strengthening, and it’s a creative way for kids to craft any season of the year. Plus they look great as home decor too. From The OT Toolbox.

Want more crafts for preschoolers?

Which scissor exercises do you want to try out first?

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